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A quick look at all the ways we make sure your pet is in its best health.


Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy has become a growing trend in many aspects of animal health. We include laser treatment after all surgeries and recommend follow up sessions to help with wound healing. Laser treatment has also been shown to be effective in helping to combat infections meaning your pet may require less antibiotics leading to fewer undesirable side effects.



Our in-house grooming facility has a world class groomer, Bridget Sedgwick who has been grooming for over 25 years! Call or come in to schedule your appointment in advance as grooming appointments fill up quickly.



In addition to spays and neuters our doctors perform a myriad of other surgical procedures on premise in our advanced surgical suite. We also have consulting doctors that come in to perform specialty surgeries on site negating the need for you to travel.


This is where we tell you about our fancy x-ray machine which is the most advanced in the bizz right now and our ULTRA sound machine (its so loud) and all the other cool stuff we do to take a peak inside your animals bodies!


This is where we're gonna tell you about all the drugs we have and how easy it is to setup automatic reorders through our online pharmacy as well.

End of Life Care

Come to your house to make your beloved pets transition as comfortable as possible.

Please contact us for all your pets needs!


Comprehensive Wellness Exams

A yearly check up with the doctor is crucial to your pets' continued good health. This is our first line of defense against underlying and chronic health issues. By examining every year the doctors can help ensure your pets best quality of life.


Dental Care

Dental hygiene is a very important and often overlooked part of you pets' health. We offer full sedation dental cleanings for both dogs and cats.  Ideally, your pet should have their teeth examined twice yearly.  Bloodwork is strongly recommended before a dental procedure. Please call for a quote or to schedule an appointment to have their teeth evaluated.


Lab Services

We offer comprehensive in-house and diagnostic laboratory services through Antech Labs. Routine bloodwork is recommended annually to ensure the health of your pet and to catch medical issues early. We also recommend bloodwork before all sedated surgical procedures to ensure safety under anesthesia.

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